I’m a new fan. A late-comer.

I enjoy the aesthetic of the website. Simple. Straight to the point.

As a bonus, his audio is nice to my two head-microphones. It sits well with my current mood, at least.

What am I going on about? LEGOWELT!

I found his site while perusing YouTube for old synth videos. Specifically, I was listening to the sounds of a Yamaha SY35. While listening, a notice popped up telling me that I could download the samples of this synth at Legowelt. It sounded like one of those stock sound sites, but I visited anyway. I’m glad I did!




WTF was he?

What was Slimer before he was a ghost? I did the bare minimum of research before I gave up. If I don’t get an inkling of an idea within 10 minutes, then I consider it unanswerable.

Was he a bad king? Is he the ghost of John Belushi? WTF W H?


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